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OccassioNAl ENdless RanTS

*attempts critical thinking(?)*

8 March 1990
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I am a lot of things.. a lot of fun.. i'm crazy..i'm witty...i'm funny..i'm noisy..i'm emo..i'm giggly..i'm weird..like you know? one minute im sad then a few seconds later i'm laughing my head of..i'm unique...i'm an engineering student.. i'm friendly and i'm nice..
my journal would be about a lot of things..about me..the things i want..the things i do. i will put what i would feel like putting here..so...that's it!..i thank you..*bow*
+ alice nine.!!!!, + anime, + gaming, + having fun, + hyde, + j-doramas, + j-pop, + j-rock, + kattun, + miyavi, + news, + reading, + tegomass, + ueda, + writing, + yamapi, ^_^